In our daily life, we are a normal family as so many others.... until our bitch becomes pregnant! Then you can see a good housewife turning into a manager. All is going to be organised in order to pave the way for an optimal start into life for our puppies: The dismountable litter-box is picked up from the basement and established in our main bathroom. A couple of weeks later, the garden transforms into an open-air enclosure. A fence will be erected and the the hut will be equipped with a special floor cover and upholstered with furs. Finally, the dog-flap will be checked. Also the lawn is maintained carefully in order to provide a robust playground. As there is no roofed area available, on rainy days, our dining-room has to do the job. This way, the little dogs are becoming acquainted with a family life and are learning the first rules. In addition, this provides an excellent opportunity to observe them and to assess their characters; extremely valuable for advisory service to customers.

Springtime - open air season