Ambros (DoB 01.06.1997) died March 2010

Ambros was borne in "Rackermoosstraße 6" and spent all his lifetime next door in Rackermoosstraße 4 as our neighbor to the leftt. He was close friend with Flora and Cayenne and, together, they liked to behave as a pack. Unfortunately, a nasty cancer brought his life to an end. Thank you very much Ambros - Brösel for fostering actively our B, C and D-litter.

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Achaz (DoB 01.06.1997) died May 2009

Achaz, not really a beauty in terms of standard, but of unrivaled charakter. After the death of his first master, Achaz just had accustomed himself to a new family. However, a tumor in his upper jaw gave reason to his early dead.

Alraune (DoB 01.06.1997) died April 2009

For two years, Alraune and her Family, heroically, fought against the Cushing-Syndrom. Finally, she got cancer. In the end, there was no chance.

Apian (DoB 01.06.1997) died March 2009

Suffering from heavy Athrosis, finally, he was released by decision of his family

Bonifaz (DoB 18.03.1999) died Sep 2008

Bonifaz and his master, both, died by cancer in September 2008.

Dornröschen (DoB 11.4.2004) died Sep 2004

Dornröschen, the most sweetest and beloved amongst our D-puppies, lost her young life in a tragic road accident.

Audax (DoB 1.6.1997) died March 2004

Audax is the first amongst our dogs which passed away. A tumour, undiscovered growing at his heart, caused a sudden death during his morning run. His mistress has found relief in a half-breed schnauzer left behind by its owner.