About "Racker vom Moos"

The Kennel “Racker vom Moss” was established in 1996 in Kolbermoor/ Bavaria/Germany. By intention, our two bitches are living with the family, i.e. sharing house and garden with us. In line with this philosophy, we also are growing our puppies.
We are member of the “Pinscher-Schnauzer-Klub 1895 e.V” (FCI), the only officially recognised association for breeding of Schnauzers in Germany.


In 1993, we bought our first bitch “Deflorata vom Kreuzbruch”. Already at that time, it was my intention to establish a kennel. My master degree of agricultural science was the ideal theoretical basis for breeding. In 1995, we moved into our own property in Rackermoosstraße. This street gave the name to the kennel “Racker vom Moos”. For eight years, Flora was our only bitch. Out from the C-litter, we selected Cayenne in order to continue with breeding. Our dogs are mainly considered as escort dogs and family members with not more than 3 litters during their entire live span. Selection, delivery and raising are pursued with a maximum of devotion and expertise both, indoor as well as outdoor.
In 2004, for career reasons, we moved to Beek in the vicinity of Maastricht, Netherlands. Our dogs really enjoyed their walks in the "land of bicycles". Only breeding was on hold during this period. In March 2006, our Flora died.
In November 2006, we returned back to Germany where we found a nice house in the "Drachenfelser Ländchen" near Bonn.
In June 2007, Mellan PS Godiva from Belgium became a member of our pack. Thanks to our increased experience, she developed well and meanwhile, she has passed many tests and contests with considerable success.
In February 2010, she delivered our E-litter.
Since we moved back to the Netherlands in May 2010, the bicycle became most relevant again for the daily walks. In addition we have rejoined the well known Obedience School Saus are busy with trailing and are keeping close contact with our Schnauzer-Club in Bonn. In November 2010, I became PSK-Zuchtwart.
In spring 2012, we will retire from business life and return to Kolbermoor in Rackermoosstraße. After a period of settling down and refurbishing, we are looking forward to launch the F-litter in a relaxed attitude.