01.06.2013: Today we could celebrate the 16th anniversay of the kennel Racker vom Moos. 16 years ago, the A-litter has been delivered by our famous Flora.
However, based on experiences and concomitants we were facing, there is no real reason to party.
One year ago, when we arrived back in Bavaria after having finished our business life, we found ourselves in a situation which was not encouraging to continue with breeding.
In essence:
Despite the perfect outer appearance and the unequalled character of our Godiva, her genetical health status, over time, proved to be critical. In addition, other than accepted in the contract, only 3 puppies have been screened for HD (only one of them by a real expert) with not optimal results (1 x A, 1 x B, 1 x C). Missing input from the remaining 5, the database was not reliable enough to exclude future skeletal disorders.
The most depressing problem, however, is the fact that Ernest, a very promising male puppy, is suffering from hypothyroidism, which probably is inherited. Ernest was bought by a Mistress from France and designated to be trained for competitions.
Recently, his Mistress wrote in a letter that, under permanent medical treatment, he is doing well. He is an excellent family dog. He likes playing around and walking including limited sports activities. However…
You may understand that under the given circumstances, I cannot guarantee any longer the high breeding standards which I feel myself obliged to.
You will understand as well, taht, as a consequence, for the time being, the kennel Racker vom Moos is not in the position to deliver litters.
Despite all this, I'm still devoted to Schnauzers and interested in all developments. This includes my offer to assist in all questions related to Schnauzers or in the research for a young puppy.

A Happy New Year 2012: In the new established site "Rackermoos-pictures", you will find a collection of fotos, presented to us by the wider Rackermoos-Family. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Family Burghardt in Dachau (Bavaria) for providing the photo of Ajano Racker vom Moos, alias "Rickie", meanwhile 14.5 years old but still in excellent shape!

21.11.10: Today, at the Rheinischen Zuchtwarte-Meeting, I passed the final test in order to become PSK-Zuchtwart (a specially trained individual to oversee breed related criteria and standards on behalf of the PSK).

15.08.10: Godiva awarded to Deutscher Champion PSK und VdH!

neu27.jpg, 41kB

Only a few weeks after our settling down in the Netherlands, Godiva continued with her carreer. Already with the first attempt, she succeeded at the KSA in Cologne. Despite the weather conditions, she got the excellent 1 and, consequently, made "Deutscher Champion PSK and VdH".
Also one of the youngsters had his chance:

Enno Racker vom Moos

achieved a "promising" based on a really fair evaluation.

28.04.10: It´s time to move again!

However, please feel you invited to stay in touch.
Effective from tomorrow:

neu26.jpg, 46kB

17.04.10: Espina goes Kolbermoor!

After more then then years, a little "Racker" returns back in Rackermoosstraße. We are happy that Espina will find a well proven Mistress.

neu25.jpg, 22kB
Espina & Godiva

neu22.jpg, 54kB neu24.jpg, 52kB
I´m looking forward for Kolbermoor Espina playing

04.04.10: It is the very last day with all together. Today delivery starts.

Neu21.jpg, 47kB
from left Elba, Elanda, Ernest, Etruska, Erasko, Edgar, Enno & Espina

02.04.10: The Racker are growing rapidly! You will see it in the new Photoalbum

To the E-Litter

To the Photoalbum

To the Video

14.03.10: Papa Snobbes is now Deutscher Champion VdH/PSK. Congratulations!

3th February 2010: Luckily, the E-Litter has been delivered! Four males and four females, all together in good health!

neu16.jpg, 36kB neu17.jpg, 32kB
Godiva with daughter Red All 8 of them!

5th January 2010: Breaking News. As confirmed by Ultrasound-Check today, Godiva is pregnant!

Sweet dreams about puppies

On 5th December, our Godiva had her date with Angus Young von Viccora, called Snobbes ( Now we are keenly looking forward to our E-Litter about begin of February.

19./20.09.09: Godiva has successfully passed both the enduring test as well as the obedience test organised by Ortsgruppe Bonn!

08.08.09: Success at the CACIB in Ludwigshafen

By winning the V1/CACIB, Godiva has finally met the qualification for Deutscher Champion PSK/VDH.
She has only to wait an other year for the final CAC (14.2.2004).

With enormous pleasure and interest, I have started training to become a breeding supervisor for the PSK.
The exame will take place after the E-Litter is mature.