46/46/21 3)
1) 0= no or minimal cardio vascular disease
2) 1= for the time being no subject to hereditary eye diseases
3) Height/Length/Head in cm

The decision, which dog to keep in order to continue with breeding, was really not an easy one. For some reasons, however, Cayenne made it. She proved herself as exceptionally clever, affectionate and fond of playing but at the same time watchful. Thank of her perfectly correct angled hind legs, her motions appear both, very elegant and fast.
Based on previous experience with Flora, the education of Cayenne was a success. In principle, we can say that Cayenne is a very well-behaved schnauzer, i.e. as far as Schnauzers are able to be at all. The only remaining area of concern is in the car. Any motion outside is responded by heavy barking and raging. This is clearly a legacy from Flora.
All right then, co-drivers need strong nerves. However, there is no need anymore to lock the car. Meanwhile, the cashier of my carwash is used to receive his fee through a very small window-gap followed by quick withdrawal.

She likes birds

In April 2004, she delivered our D-litter. All the time, she has been a very solicitous "mum" providing a quite adequate amount of milk. Indeed, we have performed a good team.
During our stay in Netherlands, we took lessons in the pet obedience school of Stephan Saus at Eschweiler. As a result, in November 2006 we passed sucessfully the first test for escort dogs.

Where are the frogs?

In our new club at Bonn, we used to participate in the weekly agility-training.
Unfortunately, this programme has been cancelled.
Instead, in October 2007 and 2008, we passed sucsessfully the endurance-test, arranged by our club.
In addition, we diligently take part in lessons at the training area and in searching for scents.