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27.01.1993 gest. 7.3.2006




0 (inoffcially)1)




45/45/21 3)
1) 0= no or minimal cardio vascular disease
2) 1= for the time being no subject to hereditary eye diseases
3) Height/Length/Head in cm

Flora grew up together with our three children. She attended a basic education course only but performed in a perfect way her role as a family member and escort dog. In the best sense of the word, she meets the definition, given by Hans Räber: Half tough Schnauzer - half cosy pet. Close to 13 years she was surprisingly fit and good looking. She was still enjoying her daily run, together with her mistress on bicycle. Over the time, she took on master of our mini-pack and played a marvellous role as a "grandma" for our D-litter. She cared for the puppies, put them in their place and taught them lessons. In doing so, she took every chance to catch some puppy-food, her most preferred goody. About her 13th birthday, we became aware of some detrimental alterations regarding her skin. A sample revealed the bitter fact: Breast cancer which had alraedy caused metastases on the skin. There where only a few weeks left to say good bye. Many thanks to the Dutch veterinary, the Roermond Crematorium and all our friends for supporting us and sharing our grief.

Holidays at Elba
My best side

Thank you Flora (Jan 27. 1993 - Mar 3. 2006)

... for 13 years proving every day with your little caressing but energetic mouth: I care about you.

... for educating me from a mere dog-fancier to your mistress.

... for accepting so enthusiastically and sharing willingly all the challenges within our family, i.e. a lot of travelling, 3 shoolchildren, 2 moves, riding, tom Theo etc..

... for all the experiences, I was able to make due to your exibition-tours. This includes all the friendly connections we established inland as well abroad.

... for 19 beautiful puppies out of 3 litters. The mutual experience of preparation, growing up and education led up to deep, blind understanding between us and formed an insepareable team.

... for living on in forthcoming generations of Schnauzer generated by your children Apian, Bepppo, Capriole and Cayenne.

... for your bravery during your last 4 weeks of decease - the only one's in your live. It was you which consoled me and encouraged me with impertubable countenance, saying: "Come on, let's go through!"


Farewell Mama